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I seek to create new knowledge by conducting research that leads to new discoveries about the social world, helping students develop curiosity about the dynamics of power in social and political life, and sharing insights from the social sciences with policymakers and the public in ways that generate deeper understanding and more informed policy choices. My research is fundamentally motivated by a desire to understand connections between citizens and political institutions. Much of my past research, as well as the projects I’m currently pursuing, focus on questions related to economic, social, and political inequality in democratic political institutions. The geographic context of my work has most often been the United States, but I am increasingly utilizing cross-national comparisons with a focus on Latin America. Methodologically, I emphasize quantitative methodologies supplemented by elite interviews, historical analysis, and other qualitative approaches as appropriate. I apply a variety of techniques in an effort to generate accurate and appropriately contextualized conclusions.

I am currently Professor of Political Science at the University of Tennessee. I have also been awarded an Andrew Carnegie Fellowship for my work on inequality and American democracy and have been hosted by the Russell Sage Foundation as a Visiting Scholar.

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Doing innovative, rigorous, and relevant analysis. My substantive interests include inequality and democratic politics, the causes and consequences of economic inequality in the United States and Latin America, and representation of marginalized groups.



Developing and delivering course content for graduate and undergraduate students connected to my expertise in American politics, political economy, inequality and democracy, political behavior, legislative institutions, public opinion, elections, and quantitative methodology.

Public Outreach

Working to connect scholars to policymakers, journalists, and civic organizations through my affiliation with the Scholars Strategy Network and by presenting my research to community groups and in other public forums.

Disciplinary Leadership

Supporting the social sciences by serving on editorial boards and review panels, actively participating in professional organizations, and organizing opportunities for intellectual exchange.


Helping graduate students and junior colleagues reach their full potential as scholars.

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Please use this form to get in touch with me. I would be delighted to discuss my work in more detail and answer any questions you might have. I am also happy to give research-based presentations to academic or public audiences. If you’d like for me to discuss economic inequality in the United States with your organization or group I am eager to hear from you. And if you’re a social scientist looking to fill spots in a speaker series, I am always eager to get feedback on my work from as broad a group of scholars as possible. I look forward to hearing from you!

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